press release | 23/10/2020

Skyliner reveals its interior

Flexible office space allowing for individual arrangement, the latest technological solutions and as the icing on the cake, a two-level Skybar located at a height of 165 meters. This is how the Skyliner looks from the inside, proudly revealing slowly what is behind its glass facade.

Skyliner reveals its interior

The facade works on the Skyliner have already been completed, both on the podium and on the tower of the office building. The scaffolding has been removed, revealing the building’s completely glazed facade, impressing with its simplicity and proportion. Currently, the scaffolding is being dismantled at the construction site from the highest point of the Skyliner, the so-called ‘plume’, which is enclosed with glass and a reinforced concrete wall. These works are very complicated and require extremely precise execution due to the number of installations and the connection of the facade and roof elements. An additional challenge is the shape of the roof, which is inclined at a very large angle. Due to the height of the building—195 meters—the works on the top are performed by mountaineering teams. Sanitary and installation works are also nearing completion. Four cooling towers appeared on the Skyliner’s roof, and the weight of the heaviest equipment transported to the highest levels exceeded 13.5 tons. 24 circulation pumps were installed in the engine rooms to keep the entire facility cool, and these twenty-ton devices had to be installed with an accuracy of just a few millimeters.

We are currently at the stage of acceptance of finishing works for the office part. We have also finished works in the toilet complexes and in the elevator halls, where we can observe the combination of raw concrete with oak veneer. At the implementation stage, we had to face the need for very high precision in the process of incorporating the elements into the facility so as to reflect the architects’ design assumptions as accurately as possible – said Michał Mrozek, Finishing Works Manager at Warbud, the project’s General Contractor.

Warbud is also currently working in the main hall of the office building, where the floor is laid, while stone is laid outside around the building—soon it will become part of a green urban area, accessible to all city residents. The culmination and gem of the building is Skybar, located on two floors at a height of 165 meters, from which there is an amazing view of the panorama of Warsaw.

Skybar will be a public place intended for relaxation and special events. Both the office building’s users and city residents will be welcome. Once Skybar is opened, we will all admire Warsaw’s skyline from all angles, on floors 41 and 42 – said Andrzej Lany, Asset Management Director at Karimpol Polska.

Thanks to the completely glazed facade of the building and the short distance from the core to the facade, the office building will offer potential tenants an excellent panorama of the city. A foretaste of what Skyliner will offer is a representative showroom located on floor 23 of the office building. The showroom office has been equipped with an integrated control system, thanks to which we can control lighting, temperature, as well as window blinds.

Skyliner’s office space has been designed to give future tenants the flexibility of arrangement. The lack of columns in the corners of the building will create spectacular corner rooms, while the minimum number of columns on the floors will allow for a comfortable division of space into rooms and open space. One of the distinguishing elements of the building will be its excellent daylight utilization. This will be primarily achieved thanks to the type of façade used—full floor-to-ceiling windows and the height of the rooms that will be 2.8 meters from floor to ceiling – Lany said.

Skyliner’s future tenants will also have a dedicated building application to assist them in their day-to-day operations. Thanks to this solution, it will be possible to send invitations to the office building’s guests, which will eliminate the need to register visits at the reception desk; it will also be possible to book a parking space online. The application will have news about the office building. Its users will be able to check, among other things, what restaurants located in Skyline offer, and contact other building users.

Skyliner’s design is by the architectural office APA Wojciechowski. The building will offer approximately 45,000 sq m of office space, and approximately 1,500 sq m of space will be available to future tenants on each floor. The office space will include over 30 floors, and 4 floors are intended for commercial and service functions and restaurants, available to the building’s tenants and the general public. The space of over 3,500 sq m will be a place for shops, restaurants, cafes and a fitness club. In addition, at the height of 165 meters, there will be two-storey Skybar, with a panoramic view over Warsaw’s city skyline, accessible by a dedicated lift. We can take a sneak peek at the entire office space, which will soon be available to tenants, in a 120-meter showroom built on floor 23 with a view over Rondo Daszyńskiego. You can take a virtual tour of the showroom HERE.

Skyliner is situated at Rondo Daszyńskiego in Warsaw, in the direct neighborhood of the 2nd subway line station, as well as stops of 5 tram lines and 7 bus lines. The building’s main reception will be situated only 8 meters away from the entrance to the subway station. An entrance to a five-storey underground parking lot for 430 cars will be possible from Prosta Street and in the future also from Towarowa Street. The underground parking floors will also have 300 bicycle parking places and the changing rooms with lockers for bikers. Skyliner is rated Excellent in the BREEAM certification system.

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