Warsaw, Poland

Mistral / Passat Warsaw

Mistral / Passat Warsaw Mistral / Passat Warsaw


Although it might look like one building, in fact it’s two fully independent buildings that look exactly the same, but were built at different times. Mistral was the first in 2002 while Passat was completed in 2006. The buildings are designed to be combined if required. The location benefits from the proximity to the airport, the excellent visibility and a nearby train stop.

  • Mistral offers over 12.100 sq.m, Passat just under 10.000 sq.m on 7 floors. Sufficient parking in garage and outside plus storage ares
  • Class A office building with designer interior and unusual exterior by the late Architect Mr. Spychala
  • Excellent location on Al. Jerozolimskie, highly visible
  • Canteen in the building and shuttle bus service to the centre
Mistral / Passat Warsaw Mistral / Passat Warsaw


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